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Advanced GPS tracker with multifunctional accessories

Multifunctional GPS tracker VT1000 is equipped with ARM9 high speedy microprocessor; using fully new and industrial grade modules, so VT1000 has high sensitivity and stable performance. Its functions also very powerful, it can supporting camera (location &driving information log on picture). Bidirectional communication; 4 A/D connectors for multi fuel sensor monitoring; support unique active RFID for automatic anti-theft and driver identification; with harsh braking & acceleration alarm and accident alarm; and many useful functions and extensibility for fleet management and vehicle security purpose.

Multifunctional GPS tracker with OBDii/camera/RFID reader/fuel sensor

The special functions of GPS tracker VT1000

* Support Dual sim card, up to 5 SIM card

* Support Dual camera, up to 4 cameras

* Support 3G network 

* Support 4 Fuel sensor 

* Anti GSM signal jamming

Two way location ( GPS + GSM mode)

Two way communication

* Support irregular GEO-fence

* Support variety RFID ( smart car alarm and driver ID identification)

* Support OBDII connector

* Oil leaking and refuel alarm

* Harsh braking and harsh acceleration alarm 

* Support OTA(Update software over the airfirmware by SMS)

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