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Fuel Level Monitoring Solution

How do expensive fuel costs impact you?

“ Where are you? “ “ The car run out of fuel and no station here, please help ! “

Fleet manager may meet this problem many times, but they doubt why such things always happen and why fuel run out so fast, what if the driver check fuel before the trip, that would not happen.

In fact, there will be something unexpected, for example, fuel stolen, driver can not find it in time, it is important to let the driver and manager know about it, meanwhile, how many liters left in the fuel tank, that is also need to tell them, in order to avoid driving at low fuel.


Topshine offers new fuel monitoring solution, except the accurate fuel report for fleet management purpose, it supports fuel stolen alarm, when the car lose fuel in a short time, device will detect it and send out alarm message to the driver, at the same time, device will remind driver by playing record, that will be very helpful when the driver rest in the car at night; Out of fuel reminding function will send message to tell the driver how many liters fuel left and remind to add the fuel.


- Reduce fuel consumption;

- Reduction of fuel cost;

- More security and safety;

- Prove of fuel consumption;

- Improve work efficiency;

- Improve fleet management and cost control

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