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GPS tracker car alarm system and driver ID identification solution

As a fleet owner, do you know when and which driver is driving your truck/taxi? does him/her fulfill his/her duties?

Will you get alerted remotely by phone when someone illegal invade or ignite your car?

Have you experienced forgetting to arm your vehicle before left it.

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Solution 1: GPS tracker + driver ID identification

When driver swipe the card with RFID reader,  card number will be upload to the GPRS01 tracking platform and show on the main page, we also can check the driver report in the report centre, so fleet owner can know who driveing which vehicle.

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Solution 2: GPS tracker + car alarm 

When driver swipe the card with RFID reader, tracker will disarm the vehicle automatically,

When driver stop the vehicle and engine is off, tracker will arm the vehicle automatically

When vehicle in the Armed status, if we have swipe an authorized card/tag, it will not alert. If we don’t have swipe an authorized the card/tag, it will send alert SMS “Engine Is On!” to authorized alert mobile phone number, and at the same time, the Output 3 will control siren to sound, also call to the mobile phones at one minute interval, and it will decide to cut off the oil/fuel supply according to its oil cut enable/disable status.

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When vehicle be moved/towed in armed status, if we don’t have swipe the authorized card/tag, and move out the vehicle, it will send alert SMS ”Movement alarm!” to the authorized alert mobile phone number.

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If alert be triggered, the siren will sound for 10 seconds and shut or immediately shut when disarm action is detected.

If illegal ignition be detected and oil/fuel supply cut off enabled, tracker will cut off the oil/fuel supply immediately, if tracker can detect the RFID tag at that moment, it will restore oil/fuel supply.

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