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Live vehicle and fleet management tracking systems

Topshine Information Technic Co.,Ltd is specialize in R&D innovation manufacturing superior GPS products in terms of GPS Personal Tracker, GPS Vehicle Tracker, GPS vehicleTracking System and Integrated GPS Tracking Solutions.

Live vehicle and fleet management tracking systems


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We put the power in our hands. Live vehicle and fleet management tracking systems.

With our easy-to-use interface and simple installation, we can monitor and track our vehicles directly at our home, office or phone any where in the world.

We are dedicated to providing the best products with unique features in the industry. Welcome to choosing Topshine for your business needs!

  • 100% industrial grade GSM and GPS module

  • Customize personalized trackers

  • More than 2 years warranty

  • Reliable after-sales service

  • Professional solutions for fleet management

  • Driver behavior monitoring(Harsh breaking and acceleration)

  • Driver ID identify / driver attentance solutions

  • Smart car alarm solution

  • School bus solution

  • Fuel management solution

  • Active / passive RFID solution

  • Two free tracking platform support