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Real time GPS tracking and monitoring our vehicle solution

VT200B is a GPS/GSM/GPRS tracking device which is specially developed and designed for vehicle real-time tracking and security. With superior GPS and GPRS modules, VT200B has good sensitivity and stable performance.VT200B = GPS Tracker + Driver ID identify + Smart Car alarm + Two Way Location + Anti GSM Signal Jamming 

Real time GPS tracking and monitoring our vehicle solution

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1. Have you ever had this experience?

When you far away from your car at a distance, suddenly you cant ensure whether you forget to lock the car door or not, then you have to go back to check the door again.
But if you have to go very far, it is difficult for you to make a decision to go back or go ahead.

2. Have you seen the current thieves steal cars with the advanced GSM jammers? 

Nowadays, many cars have equipped with a GPS tracker or GSM car alarm, the car thieves would use high-tech GSM Jamming device to jamming GSM signal, GSM device is not working properly and it cant send signal to informed the owners, after that, they are successfully steal the vehicle.

3. Do you know 

Once the GPS antenna is blocked or damaged, or when the car goes into an underground garage or tunnel, we can't track the car anymore.

With our GPS tracker VT200B, above three problems will be solve. 

1. If we install this device, after we close the car door(but forgot to lock the door, if someone open the door when we go away, tracker will send out one alert message and call to us.

2. If someone steal key, but never steal our phone, they still can't turn on car and drive away.

3. If we Install this device in the vehicle, GSM jammer won't affect to our car.

4. If we use this device, we can real track your car anywhere and anytime.

More special function of tracker VT200B:

1. Arm/ disarm automatically without carry any remoter or ID card.  

2. Driver ID identify, illegal driver can not drive the vehicle. manager can see who driving the car on the platform.  

3. Two way location ( track the car even when it move into tunnel or parking underground)

4. Anti GSM signal jamming,when detecting there have GSM signal jamming, it won't allow to drive the car 

5. Compatible with GT06 protocol

6. Compatible with the original car remoter 

7. In the arm status, if illegal people open the door/ start ignition / move the vehicle, it will trigger alarm.

8. Needn't to install any App on phone.

9. Superior cost-effective product and easy installation.

9. Remote cut off engine to stop the vehicle in the safe condition etc

10. 100% industrial grade components,not MTK solution hardware made.

With this product, won't have competitor !

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