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Rental Car Management System

·Manage your rental car fleets efficiently

·Keep rental cars safe and watched

·Prevent user damage the car

·Accident alert

·Two way communication

How It Works?

1.When the renter walks towards the car, unlock car door via RFID driver card.

2.Renter finishes using the car, close the door, the car automatically lock the door.

3.The car cannot start unless owner send start command or swipe RFID driver card.

4.When the car is on rent, owner can be able to track the car and set the geo fence.

5.Be able to communicate with renter via two way communication.

6.Be able to see the renter via camera.

7.If the renter does not return the car in time, owner can disable the engine.

8.We can set a limit time for the car , if the renter does not return car in time,

engine will be disabled automatically