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School Bus Tracking Solution

School Bus Management System

·Make sure your kids are safe to school

·Pick up your kids when they arrive at bus stop

·School bus driver identification

·Student log get on/off the bus

A responsible school should provide a safe environment for children. So parents can leave their children to school without any worries. 

The school bus community has been saying that the school bus service is tied to students successfully in many countries, but you may hear about some issues like these:

1. School bus is overloading

2. A little boy was locked in the school bus

3. A child didn’t get on the bus but no one knew

4. An accident or breakdown occurred; it took too long time to get help

… And so on.

It looks not safe to give our kids to school buses. What we need is safety, reliable and efficiency.

With so much emphasis on child safety in our schools, more and more school districts are turning to GPS providers to install bus tracking systems. Now Topshine brings GPS school bus management system to our clients. It allows creating accountability to the schools and the parents to know where their children’s bus will be arriving through parent portals. Additionally, when an accident or breakdown occurs, it allows the school to dispatch additional buses to the exact location much more quickly than ever before.

How It Works?

1) School bus with GPS device and RFID reader, students are with IC Student Cards.

2) Students swipe his/her car while getting on/off the bus, and their ID will be sent to the tracking platform in the server.

3) Tracker gets location of school bus from satellites and transfers it to server via GPRS internet; the server will show all data from the tracker.

4) Parents can log in and get real position of their children and school bus via any desktop, laptop, cell phone, pads anytime anywhere. School can manage all the buses as a fleet in real time, monitoring, dispatching, once emergency issues occur, school can respond quickly.

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