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Fuzhou Taxi Regulation For Vehicle GPS Trajectory As An Important Auxiliary Permit

Feb 18, 2016

Fuzhou traffic law enforcement detachment related head told Southeast Express Reporter, for received two times above notification and not to tie survey of taxi driver, will while used two species means:-aspects, immediately copy told City Road tube at, on vehicles and the personnel of business handle State for lock; another-aspects, notification the law enforcement Brigade, in road inspections process in the-Dan encountered the vehicles, will immediately for seized.

"With GPS track for evidence of thinking, undermined the reliance on direct evidence, such as audio and video, and effectively reduce passengers ' risk of difficulty of proof and the burden of proof, has been recognized by the Ministry. On October 10, 2015-an open reply, the Ministry, pointed out that refusing hire, detour problems '-Dan, Transport Department through satellite positioning devices installed on taxi investigation ', GPS tracks, as important evidence provides a new way of thinking and execution basis. "Traffic enforcement branch in Fuzhou City official said.