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Internal Vehicle GPS Tracker System With OBDii Connector

Jul 07, 2017

MT100 is a kind of mini internal GPS vehicle tracking product can be used for tracking and security of motorcycle and automobile etc. Mini size and waterproof designed, Its functions also very powerful, 2 AD connectors for multi fuel sensor monitoring; dual RS232 port that can support RFID reader and temperature sensor (or OBDII connector) at the same time, support unique passive RFID for automatic anti-theft and driver identification; with harsh braking & acceleration alarm and fuel leaking alarm etc

internal vehicle GPS tracker system with OBDii connector

Advanced features of internal GPS tracker MT100

1)  Can equip with phone reader/passive RFID for driver identification and auto Arm/Disarm functions
2)  Harsh braking and acceleration alarm, oil leaking and refuel alarm 

3)  Customize output4 wire (optional)

4)  Customize input5 wire for detecting Air condition ON or OFF..etc, it is positive trigger (optional)

5)  Customize second Analog port (like detecting second fuel tank)(optional)

6)  Customize dual serial port that can support RFID reader and temperature sensor (or OBDII connector) at the same time(optional)

7)  Detecting the voltage of car battery (optional)

8)  Built-in motion sensor for power & GPRS flow saving mode (sleep mode)

9)  Engine on/off detection, SOS Panic button

10)  Remote Engine cut off to stop the car in safe condition

11)  Two way communication ( speaker and microphone)

12)  Anti GSM signal jamming

13)  Crash alarm (optional)

14) (movement/towed alert, ignition alert, auto cut off engine etc) (Optional)

15) Analog input for Fuel sensor detecting/monitoring (optional)

16) More Alarm functions

   * Over speed alert

    * Geo-fence alert

    * Power failure/ low power alert

    * SOS alert

gps tracker mt100.jpg

Accessories of vehicle GPS tracker:

Standard accessories
1 pc main unitWiring
Relay (12V / 24V)SOS button

Optional accessories
Passive RIFD & passive RFID cardSmart phone reader
Active RFID & active RIFD tagTemperature sensor
Ultrasonic fuel sensorMicrophone
Cuttable fuel senosrSpeaker
Siren / buzzerCrash sensor
OBDii connector

Topshine Web based online topshine two free tracking platform:

PC: www.track-car.com

Mobile: www.track-car.com/m

Username: officetest

Password: 123

How to tracking?


Five types Tracking way:


A>: SMS + Map software;


B>: PDA Cell Phone;


C>: Real time tracking, and track via your computer;


D>: simple & useful real time tracking via our website www.track-car.com


E >: IOS and Android APP

tracking platform.jpg

Fuel report of tracking platform.jpg

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