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School Bus Safety Positioning System

Jan 16, 2017

System Overview

    When the school bus is abnormal, it can locate the school bus in time and know the details of 

the school bus, and notify the nearest school bus through the center system. The first time will deal 

with the unexpected events, Personal safety and other aspects of providing scientific and efficient 


    The school bus safety management system real-time monitors the vehicle and the personnel 

according to the actual situation of the school bus and the school, according to the time, the identity, 

the track and so on, when the exception occurs, the system promptly reports to the police, and produces 

the unusual situation to carry on processing for the first time, With the school scheduling system and other 

existing information management system for seamless docking, the true sense of the school to solve the 

problem of information technology.

Real Time Monitoring

    Through the positioning monitoring platform, real-time vehicle real-time trajectory can be understood.

Real-time location query

    Real-time display of the real-time position of the vehicle on the electronic map.

Track playback

    Can be replayed in the electronic map of the vehicle's trajectory, easy to analyze the whole process of 

the incident.

School bus driver management

    Through the personnel management system, the vehicle driver identification recognition.

Real-time SMS notification

    When the students up and down the vehicle, the system will take the initiative to send text messages to 

inform the parents of students (on and off time, school bus driver information, school bus information, 

vehicle operating conditions) and other information.

Speeding alarm

    The system can set the speed alarm, when the vehicle speed, the system will automatically alarm.

Photo capture

    Through the 3G/2G wireless network real-time capture photos to the positioning management 

platform and command center.

Voice communication

    Head office can call the driver and have voice communication.