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VT1000-3G/WCDMA/GPS/GSM Vehicle Tracker/ 3G Tracking System Device for Car/Vehicle/Truck/Taxi/Bus/ Trailer

Sep 14, 2016

Basic Info

Model NO.:VT1000-3GType:GPS Tracker
Use:AutomotiveOperating Principle:3G GPS Tracker
Port Number:WCDMA GPS TrackerModel:3G Tracking System Device for Car/Vehicle/Truck/Ta
Screen Size:No screen sizeCarrier Frequency:UMTS/HSDPA: 900/2100MHz, GSM/GPRS: 900/1800MHz Umt
Certification:WCDMA GPS Tracker3G-WCDMA/GSM/GPS:Support
Application:Car/Vehicle/Truck/Taxi/Bus/ Trailer/Container TrucGPS Chip:U-Blox 7
GSM Module:Quectel Uc15GPS Tracker Size:130X80X28mm
Accessories:Camera/RFID/Ibutton/Ultrasonic Fuel Sensor/Tempera5/7 Inch Navigation:Support

VT1000-3G is WCDMA/GPS tracking tracker for fleets' vehicles with powerful application functions. It's featured with high quality and reliable performance approved by 20000 vehicles installed. The friendly access by USB port or SMS for configuration and debug are another favorite feature by system integrators.

VT1000-3G WCDMA/GPS/GSM vehicle tracker/ 3G tracking system device for car/vehicle/truck/taxi/bus/ trailer
Technical Specifications:

Item Name
GSM ModuleQuectel UC15
Network  Frequency
UMTS/HSDPA: 900/2100MHz, GSM/GPRS: 900/1800MHz
UMTS/HSDPA: 850/1900MHz, GSM/GPRS: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
GPS ReceiverUblox 7 (Accuracy 1-3Meters in moving and open place)
MCU ProcessorARM9
Internal Memory4MB(10000Waypoints + Events)
Movement Sensor3G Accelerator ( Freescale/MMA8452Q)
Input Port
Ignition, Door, Panic, Quick-call, Microphone,iButton,
Alarm,Fuel Voltage,Temperature Votage,Load status



Camera/Ultrasonic sensor/RFID share /Taxi Fare Meter one Port

Output Port
speed Buzzer, Fuel Cut, Speaker,Door Lock/Unlock, GPS Uart
Audio Amplifier3W
LED IndicatorRed:GPS; Green:GSM
Working Power Range9-36V DC/1A
Backup Battery950mAH
ConsumptionSleep: < 30mA, Standby:45-80mA
Working Temp.minor 25C~+60C
Unit Size130X80X28mm
Standard Package Weight0.65Kg

Advantage Features:
- Worldwide UMTS/HSDPA and GSM/GPRS/EDGE coverage
- Two Way Audio Intercom
- SMS/GPRS Data transmit
- G sensor built-in for Crash detection/Harsh Brake
- 4MB Internal flash memory with over 15000Way points storage capability
- Speed Limit Management
- One-press Call Center
- GEO fencing
- Vehicle Duty/Empty status detection
- Door Lock/Unlock remotely
- Engine Immobilizer
- Fuel Level monitoring
- Temperature Monitoring
- iButton reader for driver identification
- WinCE-Based LCD display for dispatch application
- Image Camera for photo snap

 VT1000-3G WCDMA/GPS/GSM vehicle tracker/ 3G tracking system


-  Heavy Machinery
-  Taxi Dispatch
-  Transportation trucks for multi-monitoring
Data Report:
- Ignition On/Off (engine shut off/on)
- Given time interval base
- Given Distance interval base
- Given moving angle base
- Ignition ON/Off, Door open/close, SOS trigger Camera shooting and picture update,RFID/iButton key ID update,alarm events
- Vehicle Duty/Empty update
- Report included: Time stamp/Cooridinates/Heading/ignition status/mileage/Door status/alarm staus/Driver ID/Fuel data
Alarm Events:
- Speed Over Alarm
- Power Disconnection Alarm
- Drive in not-permit time period
- Temperature Trigger Alarm
- GEO Area In/Out
- Vehicle Battery Low Alarm
- Panic Help
- Towing Alarm
- Fuel Theft Alarm
- Original car alarm event
Remote Control Commands:
- Poll real time position
- Setup IP/Port, Device ID, Data report time interval
- Setup allow driving time period
- Stop engine / release startup
- Voice Listen-in authorization for once
- Remote reboot and factory setting recovery
- Remote Door Lock/Unlock
- Remote setup Temperature High/Low alarm limit
- Remote Picture shooting
- Text Communication with Driver
I/O Interface Introduction:
  2 TX/RX
 SOS button
 one key talk
  alarm siren
  ACC/DOOR/EMPTY detection
 fuel sensor(The ultrasonic fuel sensor, resistance type fuel sensor)
unlock/lock door
cut off relay