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Xuanhua District, GPS Passenger Rental 24 Hours Monitoring

Feb 18, 2016

Washington (reporter Zhu Hongyan) for playing a good operating environment, Xuanhua district, this year the taxi GPS monitoring coverage, 24 hours taxi service information management.

As the city's image window, taxi industry will not only reflect the degree of civilization of a city, but also its external image. Xuanhua district taxi management after extensive consultation with driver, passenger, develop practical measures and information management of the taxi, as of now, 999 passenger taxi GPS monitoring 24 hours, each taxi's track record is more accurate to seconds, the maximum guarantee the safety of passenger lives, property. While, 24 hours GPS monitoring platform of run and taxi complaints reported Center mutual tie, for passengers looking for lost items provides has great of convenient, this year yilai total for passengers find lost items 173 pieces, which cash more than 20,000 more than Yuan, phone 24 Department, containing ID, and account this, and license, important documents and wallet, and bank card zainei of precious items 48 pieces, by has passengers of consistent praise.